Current Beauty Routine 

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I feel like I haven’t been on this platform of mine in forever. There’s no excuse for me neglecting it this time though. 

Today’s post is about my current beauty routine. I have never been obsessed with cake face makeup (no judgements on those who love and look amazing wearing it). I have always preferred a more natural take on beauty. 

The ‘no makeup makeup look’ is a trend at the moment with heavily contoured looks taking a back seat. 

My main concern has always been my under eye circles, and now coupled with lines and wrinkles are I have become a lot more concious of them. I can’t tell you how many correctors and concealers I have purchased over the last few months. I then went to my local M•A•C store and trying to buy yet another one because I felt my products were too drying and cakey. The assistant suggested I bring in what I have and she will guide me as whether I’d need anything new (which was really kind of them, big shout out to them). She was flabbergasted when she removed the eye makeup I had on. The dark circles that I hate so much aren’t exactly the darkest according to them. The problem is that they are not full panda like rings they are basically darkest on the inner corners. So my problem was that I was caking too much under my eye and using  the incorrect colours. 

So over the last few days I have stopped using a lot under my eyes just teeny bit of corrector on the darkest parts and then a liquid concealer over it. And honestly when I look in the mirror I’m not hating on them as much as before. Before this I was putting too much product that dried out my under eye area. 

On occasion I follow this step by using a lightweight coverage and blending this over the concealed area. I favour tinted moisturizer and BB cream over foundation although it doesn’t give that much coverage it lets my skin breath. (I am going to review my current favourites soon).

To add a little more of a glow I use a highlighter on the highest points on my face. This basically adds to the natural look. 

We all have flaws and before this I started looking at my face and thinking how old my eyes make me look. This mindset caused me to spend so much money on stuff that I didn’t need. My advice to anyone with specific skin concerns don’t just purchase products blindly trusting sales assistants. Assess your own skin with regards to dryness and oiliness.Ask them to test out products on you, use it for an entire day and asks for samples (if they do give them). If you’re not happy try out another colour or variant. Had I taken this time I would have saved a lot. 

Until next time (I’m going to try to not be such a stranger)…



Winter Warmer clothing drive

Hi Lovelies 

I have teamed with an established charitable organization to run a winter clothing drive (Read below for details). 

Style By Shaheeda in Conjunction with the ‘Pietermaritzburg Muslim Women’s Organization’ brings you the ‘Winter Warmer’ clothing drive. In the cold months ahead spare a thought for the less fortunate. Open your hearts (and closets) and donate some of your old warm clothing.

-ONLY winter clothing (jerseys,jackets and sweaters)

-ONLY adults clothing.

-Please make sure that all clothing is wearable (no holes or stains).

-Must we washed.

-Package all clothing and mark the sizes and whether it’s Male/Female clothing on the packaging. 

As an added special gesture put a smile on a young girls face for Eid and donate good condition handbags and costume jewelry. 

Deliver all goods to:

Pietermaritzburg Muslim Women’s  Organization. 

71 Royston Road, Mountain Rise- Pietermaritzburg. 

Open from : 8am- 1pm 

Contact: 033 387 5393

“The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity.”- Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W)



Glam Weekend

Hi Lovelies

I’m laying in bed reminiscing about last week and weekend. It was my cousins glamorous wedding week and I was all too thrilled to dress up. I contemplated doing a blog post because I did share these image on Instagram (shaheeda18- if you didn’t know), but as I’m deleting some of the gazillion photos that I took I thought why not do a blog most since I have been MIA!

Look 1: Eastern (Well my take on it anyway) 

 I think eastern wear is absolutely gorgeous especially the intricate work and details but I very rarely wear the garments often. That’s why I decided to create my own take on an eastern ensemble pairing pieces I would wear again. I purchased this two piece pants and top from Mango and paired it with a custom made jacket. 

Look 2: Wedding

 I have owned many a formal dress but the above is hands down my favourite. Surprisingly it’s not something I had custom made. I saw it a year ago hanging on the rails at Minty fabrics (a fabric and clothing store in Durban) and I purchased it on a whim. The brocade and cut of the dress reminded of something straight out of the TV series Reign and well I’m no Queen Mary but I sure as hell felt like a princess. 

Look 3: Walima (post wedding function) 

 Wearing something all black and minimalist wasn’t my initial idea . I went mall trawling every weekend of the month leading up to the wedding and I was so confused as to what to purchase. I saw this top at Mango and my stylist brain went into overdrive. I thought of pairing it with something printed or some colour but I eventually went all Victoria Beckham chic. I actually loved the understated look and you would be surprised at how much of a statement it makes. 

At the end of the weekend I was all glammed out and I swore that I didn’t want to see another hair dresser or makeup artist for a while, but in all honesty the glamazon in me would do it all over again…



Stila Stay-All-Day Liquid Lipsticks 

Hi Lovelies

Liquid lipsticks have been gaining quite a bit of popularity recently (especially since a certain Jenner launched her range which sold out at a record speed). Well if you can’t get your hands on that much revered product don’t despair. Stila has had a range of their liquid lipsticks for a few years now and they are amazing. 

Stila’s Stay-All-Day liquid lipsticks dry into a matte finish but aren’t dry and cakey. I do suggest using a nourishing balm before so your lips are prepped. It is a highly pigmented product and a little goes a long way. Initially it can be messy if you’re not careful. To avoid this I dab the product with the applicator and then blend  it with a lip brush. As the name suggests it is long wearing but of course if you eat and drink the product does wear off, that said I can attest to the fact that there still is a visible hint of pigment on the lips at the end of a working day. 

There’s an array of bright and subtle colours. A few new brighter hues launched late last year. 

I own three shades: 

Patina- A dusty pink shade which is one of their most popular colours as it suits most skin tones.

Dolce- A nude shade with a hint of a frosty shimmer. 

Fiery- A sultry red hue. 

I had some fun swatching the shades…

If you’re based in Pietermaritzburg Stila is stocked at  Senses Salon and Spa Contact: 033 345 0511.



Sweater x Glam 

Hi lovelies

Boy am I glad the sports luxe trend and slogan sweaters are still in fashion because I’m not ready to get rid of this sweater (just yet)…

I haven’t replenished my winter wardrobe just yet but I think there’s going to be a lot of recycling of older pieces from my closet as not much has changed and if you’re an avid reader you know winter isn’t my season.



Single Life!

Hello Lovelies

This post doesn’t have anything to do with fashion (just a forewarning in case you’re not in the mood for the “feels” today). It’s a bit of a personal post that I have been toying with the idea of writing for a while now. The reason I chose  to write about it now as when I post pictures on the topic on my social media it gets quite a bit of attention and girls tag their gal pals, which made me realize that a quite few girls are going through the same thing. 

In my culture if you’re in your mid to late twenties (like myself) and you’re not married it’s basically a sin (not religiously I assure you). People take it upon themselves to wonder, ponder and gossip about your plight (yes they probably see it that way). Eventually one starts to think that there is definitely something wrong with them. This is something that bothered me for quite a while and I won’t lie sometimes it still does. 

I go to functions (weddings, bridal showers, baby showers…..) and of course I either get that pitiful look by some ladies, or the over friendly ones that say “You’re next”, or “you will find someone”. Or the ones that say “You’re so pretty and smart, what’s wrong with the boys”. (If I knew I’d tell you I promise). Damn once I even heard a lady saying “Is that …. daughter, oh she’s the one that’s not married!”. It took everything in me to not turn around and stare her down with my resting b!tc# face, because my mum taught me to always be respectful.  

 (In Sha Allah – God Willing)

I just sit there and think to myself ‘Do they actually think I’m optionally single?’. In case any of you are reading, just to clarify- No I’m not. I have had my fair share of heartbreak, tears and rejection. Which your daughter who got married at the age of 18-21 has probably never known, and In Sha Allah she never has to know. 

Lastly there are the ones that tell you that “you’re better off single”. Oh yes my life seems awesome to you doesn’t it?! Try it when you really crave the company and all your friends are busy (with their husbands and kids nogal). Shopping alone, grabbing coffee, watching a movie alone and well basically doing anything ALONE is not always fun or liberating. Try it out I promise you will really miss your other half.

So this post was for my fellow Muslim singletons. I know how it feels and you’re not alone. I know you wish you could use every funny sarcastic comeback when people ask you “why aren’t you married?” but you sit there and smile and use the appropriate pleasantries if it’s required. Although it annoys the shit out of you. On that note there are kind souls out there that genuinely mean well and trust me you will know it when they do. 

Our soul mates await us (I have that much hope) but for now let’s just revel in the fact that some of them think our lives are awesome.



My Favourite Denim 

Hello Lovelies 

 I have always been a die-hard denim fan, although my style has evolved from the plain Jane ‘jeans and a t-shirt’ staple wardrobe. 

My favourite cut are Skinny Jeans. They are flattering and they work well for both casual and a more dressed up occasions. 

My body has gone through a few changes over the last two years, I have developed curves which I have since learnt to embrace. The one thing that I found disheartening was that I had to get rid of a few of my favourite jeans (purchased with a considerable portion of my income) which meant-No more low-rise super skinnies for you Shaheeda!!!!

The hunt for new jeans began. I actually went a few months without buying any new jeans because I couldn’t find the right fit. I went through a phase where I thought that I was too chubby for skinny jeans and I decided to just live in pants forever, because they were flattering. Then I found my favourite cut. The mid-rise skinny, the holy grail of jeans for petite girls who have “I squat” behinds and no thigh gap (cue laughter).  

 The mid-rise jeans help hips (that don’t lie) to stay in place and you don’t have to tug at them every time you stand up or bend. This cut is actually the most comfortable and I would suggest it for most body shapes. 

Most brands cater for this cut and my current favourite is from Mango- Olivia skinny jeans (pictured above). 

That said I wish I could still fit in my low-rise super skinny jeans… I’m super jealous if you can.




Hi Lovelies

I possess a closet where the primary colour palette is made up of neutral tones. In most look posts I always mention pairing more bold items with neutral pieces. I came across this picture and it perfectly describes the neutral colour spectrum that you should ideally invest in to get the most use out of your wardrobe.  

Buying clothing and accessories in the above colours will not date your wardrobe and you will have a multitude of styling options. Oh and you will catch yourself saying “I don’t have anything to wear” a lot less. I have personally noticed this as I used to constantly think that I had worn everything in my closet. Now I wear a lot of my clothing over and over again but I find ways of making them look different by pairing them with bolder items. Another tip when purchasing neutrals is to invest in good quality items. My go to stores for most of my neutral pieces are Zara, Mango and Woolworths. 

Here are some of my recent looks that encompass neutral hues with bolder pieces.

I suggest saving the colour spectrum picture and referring to it the next time you’re out shopping. If anything it’s a mini style guide to help you build a wardrobe filled with classic and stylish ensembles. 


Use Baby Shampoo…

Hello Lovelies

About a month ago I developed dry flaky skin on my eyelids. It was so bad that even something as gentle as Aloe Gel made the infected area burn. I stopped using any makeup products on my eyelids as I thought that it was something cosmetic affecting it. After consulting Doctor Google I was pretty sure it was something that can’t be cured. Thinking it is eczema (something I don’t suffer with) I used Vaseline and Aquaphor from Eucerin (Review coming up soon) to soothe the area. This offered temporary relief.

My mum was watching a health talk on t.v and she heard an optometrist giving advice on how to combat dryness around the eye area. The go to product was BABY SHAMPOO!  

Johnson’s Baby shampoo (the “no more tears” variety to be specific) is gentle enough to use around the delicate eye area.  

 Method:Dilute 1 part Baby shampoo to 10 parts water. I used a teaspoon measurement.

Empty the solution into a bottle. It should last about a week if you use twice a day. Apply the solution with a cotton pad. I have been using it for about three weeks twice a day. After the first use you can actually feel a difference, my eyelids were considerably softer. The one eye has been cured, there’s a little dryness on the one which is fading. So I haven’t been cured completely but I opted to not visit a dermatologist who would probably resort to cortisone based creams. 

Even if you don’t have dryness around the eye area but you wear eye makeup often I suggest you use this method at least once a day after removing the makeup. It can probably help to curb any future problems. 

It also works well as a makeup brush and sponge cleaner. I have a few beauty blenders and purchasing the cleaners are not cost effective. I used the baby shampoo as a cleanser and the makeup practically melted of the sponge. 

Luckily at about R23 for 125ml will not break the bank!

Try it out and let me know…



Daytime Sparkles

Hi Lovelies

Style By Shaheeda Fashion Lesson: 

How to dress down sparkles for daytime?





Never been one for OTT bling but when I saw these pants my inner sparkly personality decided I needed them. I paired it with casual basics and minimal accessories thus making it wearable for the daytime. 

Pants- DKNY| Top- Mango| Sandals- Madison| Handbag- GUCCI

In case you haven’t heard it today Happy Valentine’s Day.