Hi Loves

It’s been eons (I know).

I just haven’t been feeling the whole blogging hype, I was a little demotivated as I kept noticing brands prefer bloggers with a ton of followers, and they don’t care about content or even if the person is grammatically proficient. I have since been writing for a publication and  I get so much more gratification from that, if you follow me on social media (where I’m still pretty active) you would have probably seen a few articles that I have written. 

The year 2017 brought with it my 30’s and whole new attitude towards my goals. I have mentioned my styling profession continuously and due to a few setbacks and responsibilities  I haven’t had the chance to fully work on it. This month my plan is to start at it on a part-time basis and hoping it takes off in the small city I live in and its surrounds as I can’t make the move to a big city at this point. Instead on focusing on all my dreams that haven’t been fulfilled I have decided to be grateful for how far I have come whilst growing the Style By Shaheeda brand. 

I am planning a website revamp soon and my next post will be a detailed description about the styling service I offer.

 I don’t plan on entirely leaving the blogging scene but it’s time I up the ante and to not just envision my goals but to start to make them a reality (no matter how much hard work or disappointments it might bring with it initially). 

And I wouldn’t be a fashion blogger if there wasn’t a little blogger OOTD picture right ? 

(The outfit pictured is a pants and top from Country Road which I wore for my birthday dinner and is one of my favourite ensembles).



2 thoughts on “2017.

  1. Rushda says:

    A wise woman once told me, the time is the time.
    Don’t beat yourself up if things don’t go according to a set time, it will happen on its own time.
    I’ve held onto these words when things don’t work out as I anticipate.
    Hang in there! All will work out Inshallah! Have faith xoxo

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