Hi Lovelies

New season and the previously known Sports Luxe  trend has been updated to ‘Athleisure’ . I didn’t think the trend that incorporates gym wear into your daily wardrobe will actually last, but I was wrong. Fashionista’s everywhere are preferring the comfort of sneakers over stilettos. My teenage years were spent in athleisure gear and I didn’t think I’d ever go back to that but as I type this I have a pair of Nike Roshe’s on my feet (and I’m not working out). I have coveted a pair of these sneakers for a while and I finally got a pair.

Athleisure is not jus throwing on a pair of sneakers or sweatpants, it’s all in the details. Adding accessories makes a huge difference. Also keep the ensemble simple with clean lines. 



2 thoughts on “Athleisure 

  1. Aadila says:

    Where did you get your pair of Roshe’s from…they seem different to the usual black ones I’ve seen around, I quite fancy this pair. Thanks

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