Hi Lovelies

I have had similar conversations with two friends over the last few days and I thought that it was worth sharing. Social media has clouded our judgement so much so that some live through it! It’s the worst drug of our generation.Of course being a blogger my social media presence is what basically drives people to this blog. To be honest only our prettiest selfies or OOTD’s make the cut People start building conclusions about the person that you are via what you share. And sometimes these are so far from the truth but they believe it.

So let’s just clear up a few things shall we…

I am not the foundation that I wear on my face.

I am not the designer bag that I carry.

I am not the labels that I wear.

I am not the fancy highlights and colour on my hair.

I am not the fancy things that I eat. 

I am not the car that I drive.

I am not the flower crown snapchat filter.


I am the woman who has blemishes and marks (which you never see because of the foundation) that I hate.

I am the woman who has a few grey strands of hair (covered by colour and highlights on my hair).

I am the woman  who is not shy to go bare faced sometimes although I don’t post it.

I am the woman  who drives her dads car.

I am the woman  who wears sweatpants and a hoodie on off days (praying that nobody I know sees me).

I am the woman who uses dry shampoo sometimes when I’m lazy to style my hair.

I am the woman who  has cellulite and stretch marks and goes to gym everyday just to lose my thigh fat.

I am the woman who loves to dip her tennis biscuits in her tea (hence the thigh fat).

I am the woman who has been rejected.

I am the woman who wakes up and goes to work.

I am the woman who isn’t high maintenance (the designer bags and clothes are bought with hard earned money, it’s something I have coveted for years and it’s not for show).

I am the woman who still gets shy when I’m approached as ‘Style By Shaheeda’ in public.

I am the woman who doubts my abilities sometimes.

… I am normal just like you.




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