Casually Caped

Hi Lovelies 

With winter in its last stretch there are sales galore and it’s the perfect time to purchase timeless pieces if you’re lucky to come across them. Spree had a sale on their Mango stuff and I picked up something that I have wanted for a while -a cape coat. There’s just something so classy about it. 

I am never super glam during the week (I can’t totter around in heels while running errands) and lately I have been favouring sneakers. I pair them with my more classic pieces which fits in perfectly with the athleisure trend.

|Cape: Mango| Ribbed Top: Forever New| Sneakers: Zara| Handbag:Gucci|

The greatest thing about this piece is that it can be styled in a multitude of ways and can work with jeans and sneakers but also as a cover up over a couture dress. It’s one of those pieces that I see in my closet for years to come.

Have a lovely Sunday 



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