Hi Lovelies

I have titled this post skin because I’m going to cover a few skincare topics in this post.

Recently I have noticed that my social media feed is a flurry of skincare brands that are offering products and aesthetic procedures that claim to do anything from removing wrinkles to lightening skin. That is what inspired this post.

We all have skin qualms and it is very tempting to want a quick fix but these products can have long term detrimental effects. It is so important properly research products and procedures. So my first tip is if you have major skin issues then you should get your skin properly assessed by an aesthetician or dermatologist. They will prescribe a skin regimen tailor made for your skin concern.

Mixing up Skincare

Lots of people are of the impression that you should use all your products from the same brands. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in doing that, but there’s also nothing wrong in mixing up skincare from different brands. It can also be cost effective. This is totally viable if you have fairly good skin and you can choose products for yourself.

Budget Skincare:

Another misconception that many have is that high end skincare works better. Yes they do have more advanced ingredients but lets be honest not everyone can budget R2000+ on beauty products. There are some budget friendly brands that are perfectly good alternatives. 

Here are a few brands that I favour (These products range from R150-R400)

Avène: This French pharmaceutical brand is specifically formulated for sensitive skin. I have been using their Thermal Spring water spray for months and it’s one of my favourite multi purpose products. I have also used their moisturizers and sunblock from the brand and I was quite impressed.

– Bioderma: This is another French pharmaceutical brand that’s widely known around the world and my go to product from them is their sunblock. 

The Body Shop: This world renowned and established beauty brand is no stranger to many a beauty enthusiast. My constant favourites from them are their Vitamin E eye cream and Vitamin C Microdermabrasion exfoliator. 


If you have the time and are willing to spend a bit then I suggest you spend it on regular facials. I’m blessed enough not to have problematic skin apart from hormonal and stress breakouts. These result in a few blemishes, which take forever to disappear. So I do regular brightening facials to speed up the process. 

I believe that it’s so important to look after your skin. I’m by no means a skin expert but I thought I’d share a few pointers with you from personal experience. Also if you have fairly good skin don’t go messing with it by trying out extreme things to solve small imperfections



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