Lux Sheer Twilight Body Wash

Hi Lovelies 

I was sent a press pack from LUX with their new Sheer Twilight Body Wash. LUX is one of the most recognized beauty brands in the South African (and worldwide) market. I remember my mum stocking up on Lux soap bars for years until liquid body washes were launched. 

I don’t know about the rest of you but I haven’t used a traditional bar of soap in years due to the fact that body washes are more convenient and way less maintenance (Yes we have all had that dilemma of trying to pick up that bar of soap when it falls onto the shower floor). 

The fragrance in the LUX Sheet Twilight body wash was specifically curated by perfumer Nicole Marcini. Black orchid is the most predominant note in the body wash which results in quite a bold fragrance. I generally favour something softer or citrusy when I purchase a body wash but surprisingly I took to this scent. 

The scent claims to linger on your skin for upto 8 hours. I decided to put this to test without mixing any other scents with it. Unfortunately it stayed on my skin for about an hour only and dissipated after. That said shower time is a treat with this scent engulfing your senses. 

LUX prides themselves in bringing opulence and luxury to the masses and they didn’t disappoint with this product. 

(Recommended retail prices of LUX body washes- 200ml- R24.99, 400ml- R36.99 and the 750ml- R58.99)



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