Current Beauty Routine 

Hi Loves

I feel like I haven’t been on this platform of mine in forever. There’s no excuse for me neglecting it this time though. 

Today’s post is about my current beauty routine. I have never been obsessed with cake face makeup (no judgements on those who love and look amazing wearing it). I have always preferred a more natural take on beauty. 

The ‘no makeup makeup look’ is a trend at the moment with heavily contoured looks taking a back seat. 

My main concern has always been my under eye circles, and now coupled with lines and wrinkles are I have become a lot more concious of them. I can’t tell you how many correctors and concealers I have purchased over the last few months. I then went to my local M•A•C store and trying to buy yet another one because I felt my products were too drying and cakey. The assistant suggested I bring in what I have and she will guide me as whether I’d need anything new (which was really kind of them, big shout out to them). She was flabbergasted when she removed the eye makeup I had on. The dark circles that I hate so much aren’t exactly the darkest according to them. The problem is that they are not full panda like rings they are basically darkest on the inner corners. So my problem was that I was caking too much under my eye and using  the incorrect colours. 

So over the last few days I have stopped using a lot under my eyes just teeny bit of corrector on the darkest parts and then a liquid concealer over it. And honestly when I look in the mirror I’m not hating on them as much as before. Before this I was putting too much product that dried out my under eye area. 

On occasion I follow this step by using a lightweight coverage and blending this over the concealed area. I favour tinted moisturizer and BB cream over foundation although it doesn’t give that much coverage it lets my skin breath. (I am going to review my current favourites soon).

To add a little more of a glow I use a highlighter on the highest points on my face. This basically adds to the natural look. 

We all have flaws and before this I started looking at my face and thinking how old my eyes make me look. This mindset caused me to spend so much money on stuff that I didn’t need. My advice to anyone with specific skin concerns don’t just purchase products blindly trusting sales assistants. Assess your own skin with regards to dryness and oiliness.Ask them to test out products on you, use it for an entire day and asks for samples (if they do give them). If you’re not happy try out another colour or variant. Had I taken this time I would have saved a lot. 

Until next time (I’m going to try to not be such a stranger)…



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