Glam Weekend

Hi Lovelies

I’m laying in bed reminiscing about last week and weekend. It was my cousins glamorous wedding week and I was all too thrilled to dress up. I contemplated doing a blog post because I did share these image on Instagram (shaheeda18- if you didn’t know), but as I’m deleting some of the gazillion photos that I took I thought why not do a blog most since I have been MIA!

Look 1: Eastern (Well my take on it anyway) 

 I think eastern wear is absolutely gorgeous especially the intricate work and details but I very rarely wear the garments often. That’s why I decided to create my own take on an eastern ensemble pairing pieces I would wear again. I purchased this two piece pants and top from Mango and paired it with a custom made jacket. 

Look 2: Wedding

 I have owned many a formal dress but the above is hands down my favourite. Surprisingly it’s not something I had custom made. I saw it a year ago hanging on the rails at Minty fabrics (a fabric and clothing store in Durban) and I purchased it on a whim. The brocade and cut of the dress reminded of something straight out of the TV series Reign and well I’m no Queen Mary but I sure as hell felt like a princess. 

Look 3: Walima (post wedding function) 

 Wearing something all black and minimalist wasn’t my initial idea . I went mall trawling every weekend of the month leading up to the wedding and I was so confused as to what to purchase. I saw this top at Mango and my stylist brain went into overdrive. I thought of pairing it with something printed or some colour but I eventually went all Victoria Beckham chic. I actually loved the understated look and you would be surprised at how much of a statement it makes. 

At the end of the weekend I was all glammed out and I swore that I didn’t want to see another hair dresser or makeup artist for a while, but in all honesty the glamazon in me would do it all over again…



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