My Favourite Denim 

Hello Lovelies 

 I have always been a die-hard denim fan, although my style has evolved from the plain Jane ‘jeans and a t-shirt’ staple wardrobe. 

My favourite cut are Skinny Jeans. They are flattering and they work well for both casual and a more dressed up occasions. 

My body has gone through a few changes over the last two years, I have developed curves which I have since learnt to embrace. The one thing that I found disheartening was that I had to get rid of a few of my favourite jeans (purchased with a considerable portion of my income) which meant-No more low-rise super skinnies for you Shaheeda!!!!

The hunt for new jeans began. I actually went a few months without buying any new jeans because I couldn’t find the right fit. I went through a phase where I thought that I was too chubby for skinny jeans and I decided to just live in pants forever, because they were flattering. Then I found my favourite cut. The mid-rise skinny, the holy grail of jeans for petite girls who have “I squat” behinds and no thigh gap (cue laughter).  

 The mid-rise jeans help hips (that don’t lie) to stay in place and you don’t have to tug at them every time you stand up or bend. This cut is actually the most comfortable and I would suggest it for most body shapes. 

Most brands cater for this cut and my current favourite is from Mango- Olivia skinny jeans (pictured above). 

That said I wish I could still fit in my low-rise super skinny jeans… I’m super jealous if you can.



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