Use Baby Shampoo…

Hello Lovelies

About a month ago I developed dry flaky skin on my eyelids. It was so bad that even something as gentle as Aloe Gel made the infected area burn. I stopped using any makeup products on my eyelids as I thought that it was something cosmetic affecting it. After consulting Doctor Google I was pretty sure it was something that can’t be cured. Thinking it is eczema (something I don’t suffer with) I used Vaseline and Aquaphor from Eucerin (Review coming up soon) to soothe the area. This offered temporary relief.

My mum was watching a health talk on t.v and she heard an optometrist giving advice on how to combat dryness around the eye area. The go to product was BABY SHAMPOO!  

Johnson’s Baby shampoo (the “no more tears” variety to be specific) is gentle enough to use around the delicate eye area.  

 Method:Dilute 1 part Baby shampoo to 10 parts water. I used a teaspoon measurement.

Empty the solution into a bottle. It should last about a week if you use twice a day. Apply the solution with a cotton pad. I have been using it for about three weeks twice a day. After the first use you can actually feel a difference, my eyelids were considerably softer. The one eye has been cured, there’s a little dryness on the one which is fading. So I haven’t been cured completely but I opted to not visit a dermatologist who would probably resort to cortisone based creams. 

Even if you don’t have dryness around the eye area but you wear eye makeup often I suggest you use this method at least once a day after removing the makeup. It can probably help to curb any future problems. 

It also works well as a makeup brush and sponge cleaner. I have a few beauty blenders and purchasing the cleaners are not cost effective. I used the baby shampoo as a cleanser and the makeup practically melted of the sponge. 

Luckily at about R23 for 125ml will not break the bank!

Try it out and let me know…



5 thoughts on “Use Baby Shampoo…

  1. shazia2424 says:

    Aquaphor is absolutely amazing for dry lips.. Like I’m talking severely dry lips, Roaccutane type of dryness..

    Thanks for the baby shampoo tip. I don’t really have dryness around the eyes but since I do wear a lot of eye makeup it would be nice to try.

  2. farhnaaz says:

    Hey s,

    I had a baby a year ago , and wen my baby was abt 4 weeks she had a eye infection and mucous was coming out the eye, took her to da pead and he told me i mus use few drops no more tears in luke warm water and wipe eye from inside out wit cotton swabs , did it 3 times a day and worked like a bomb. It definately works 🙂 i been doin it for a year now. Tx fj

  3. nuhaabardien says:

    Hi! My sisters optometrist actually suggested she use the shampoo as an eye rinse (especially after using contacts) and it works like a charm to prevent any infections and keeping your eyes clear and sparkly…. Also love the makeup brush cleaner, been using baby shampoo for this purpose for years (smells amazing too!)

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