Hello Again…

Hello Lovelies 

My loyal readers will know I have been on a hiatus. I hope that everyone had a lovely break and positive start to 2016. I was away for most of January and it feels like my year is only beginning now. Coming back to my job and catching up was rather daunting. Now that I have had time to breath (I’m actually getting my hair done) I decided to say hello again. 

Before I left on my break I bought this dress from The Space. 



 (Dress- The Space. Sandals- Daniella Micelle at Zoom. Chocker/Bracelet- Stardust collection Swarovski)

I adore this dress and I simply couldn’t wait to wear it. What attracted me to it was that it is demure yet sexy at the same time. Although I had nowhere special to go I felt like dressing up. This dress comes in another colour and I’m actually toying with the idea of purchasing it (I have sworn of shopping for a few months so I hope this willpower lasts). 
2015 was a year where I had few highs with some heartbreak. So I’m just going to wing it in 2016 #NoGoalsAsSuch



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