What’s in my carry-on?

Hi Lovelies 

The holidays are upon us and I’m grateful to be traveling to the U.S again this holiday. This post is dedicated to what’s in my carry-on/ hand luggage. I know it’s a bit delayed but if you’re like me then you probably left your packing for the last minute. 

The flights to the U.S are considerably long and it’s difficult to pack most of your in flight and grooming necessities into 7 Kg. The restrictions with regards to cosmetics is also a downer but I found a way to concisely pack everything that I require.

So what’s in my bag?

-An extra set of clothes. This is ideal if you have a stop over and have a chance to shower and change. If your flight isn’t that long I still suggest packing an extra set in the event of your luggage not reaching your destination with you (Fingers crossed this does not happen). Steer clear from packing jeans or anything heavy though. 

-An extra set of underwear (or two). Again think of the dreaded luggage loss. 

– Slippers. Yes slippers! On a long flight you don’t want to be walking around in your shoes. 

-Moisturiser, sunblock and face wipes are essential cosmetics. Don’t carry your full size bottles though, look for travel sized tubs and bottles. I purchased the ones below from Woolworths. They also have bottles available. 

-Eye cream. I purchased this roll on eye brightener from The Body Shops Vitamen E range (pictured below). I haven’t used it yet but it claims to brighten and get rid of puffiness. I will review it if it’s any good .

-Deodrant (of course) and perfume. Ask for perfume samples when your purchasing big bottles as these come in handy.

-Makeup is essential if you’re anything like me and prefer not to look like a zombie when you reach your destination. Unless you doing the celeb thing and rocking those huge shades. 

If you have the patience  for a full face of makeup I admire you. I just carry products that help to brighten and conceal. 
I’m in love with the Bobbi Brown peach corrector so I purchased the eye brightener. It is a liquid product and easy to blend with your fingers. To help conceal even more I purchased the Bobbi brown face touch up stick. Which is a creamy stick concealer. This is super easy to apply. 

Bronzer and blush to brighten up those cheeks (these aren’t essential but it’s a preference of mine). I’m lucky enough to own mini products. I’m excited to try out The Body Shop cheek bronzing cheek dome. It’s perfect for on the go application.

Lastly a neutral lip colour. My Favourite is the Clinique Chubby stick (In Curviest Caramel) as it provides moisture with a potent pop of colour.

These products combined are perfect for that five minute face.

– I also carry a little entertainment like a book or magazine. As there’s only so much television one can watch.

On that note have a blessed holiday be it local or international I hope these tips help.



2 thoughts on “What’s in my carry-on?

  1. Fathima says:

    Seriously! If your bags get lost you coming to stay with me – You will survive 😂 See you next Tuesday inshallah!!! Cant wait!

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