Crazy about Cullotes

Hello Lovelies 

I have been on a little emotional rollercoaster lately but there’s something about channeling my energy into styling an ensemble that makes me feel a little more confident. Keeping true to the “When you look good, you feel good” sentiment. Hence the inspiration behind my latest outfit post. 

(Culottes-Zara, Shirt-YDE, Sandals- Madison, Bag- LOUIS VUITTON.All items are recent purchases)

Cullotes are EVERYWHERE this season and I currently have four pairs in my closet. It’s chic, comfortable and elegant. It also conceals my “no thigh gap” pins which is a major win. Another trend that I spotted in stores recently are shirts and tops with visible zip detail. I loved this one because of the colour. Mink is a beautiful shade to add to your summer colour palette. I finished the look off with ankle strap wedges. Wedges are perfect as they add height but don’t comprise on comfort especially when you are planning on fitting in some retail therapy.

Culottes used to be more of a formal nature but can now be styled in a multitude of ways. I plan on shooting another casual look soon. 

Good luck for the month of December. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to bid farewell to 2015.



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