Avène Eau Thermale Spray Review 

Hello Lovelies 

We apply cosmetic products daily that aren’t exactly the best for our skin. Hence adopting a good skin regimen (with products that aim to heal the skin) is of utmost importance.

Off late water based mists have been quite the rage and a few months ago I received a few products from Avène. One of the products that stood out for me was the Eau Thermale Spray, a pure thermal spring water mist.

The product aims is to essentially sooth irritated or sensitive skin. I started using the spray when I returned from a holiday earlier this year. Due to the dry and hot climate I didn’t wear socks and my feet took quite a beating. I used the spray and after about two days of regular use the redness and irritation had disappeared.

It might seem obscene to purchase water in a spray bottle, but the product has a multitude of uses. 


The Avène website has video tutorials describing different ways of using the Eau Thermale Spray. Have a look Here

I have started exercising again and I don’t like using anything on my face when I work out. Before I leave for gym I use this spray on my face just for some hydration (I don’t dab it off I let it settle into my skin). I also use it every day directly after I remove my makeup as it has a refreshing effect on the skin. I have also been experiencing sensitivity around my eye area due to using a computer all day. I spray the mist onto cotton pads and let it rest on my eyes for a few minutes. It helped quite a bit , I also sprayed it directly onto the eye area and I found that more effective. 

Price: R150

This is definitely one of my go to products recently. So it deserves a mention.

The Avène range is available at selected Clicks Stores.  




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