Help Syrian Refugees

Good Day Loves

Yes this is a fashion blog but being a vast platform I would like to use it as a means of helping those in distress.

A ton of helpless Syrian refugees require assistance and a young lady ,Mishka Osman decided to do her bit. She approached a group of ladies and together they compiled a Recipe Ebook. All proceeds from the sale goes towards helping those in need. 


To purchase a copy of this Ebook please visit Niqi Living Luxe and Meat Cart .

In order to purchase a copy of this book – please click on one of the above links which takes you directly to the recipe book. You have an option of what amount you would like to donate ( R70, R100 , R150 , R200 and R500) click which option add to your cart , insert credit card details (can be done via EFT As well) and Check out . You will then be able to download a copy of this online PDF

One of the best humans are those who are willing to help those in distress and In need. So do your bit.



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