The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion Review

Hello Lovelies

Glowing skin and an even skin tone is much coveted. It can be achieved/ enhanced superficially by makeup but that’s usually the cause of many skin issues. 

I have always followed a good skin regimen, using all the products from one particular range at a time. Ever since I started blogging I have become a lot more adventurous and I started mixing products to suit my needs. This is also way more cost effective. 

Exfoliators and I aren’t the best of friends since I always tend to get some sort of breakout, so when I find one that agrees with my skin I’m pretty chuffed. 

I came across the Vitamin C Microdermabrasion from The Body Shop on fellow a fellow bloggers ( Abby from One Stiletto At A Time) Instagram feed. I asked her about it and she had good things to say so I decided to try it out. 

My skin was pretty dull at the time and due to stress I had a terrible breakout which resulted in marks on my skin. This product aims at improving dull complexions. 

The word microdermabrasion can be quite misleading with regards to this product as I would have expected it to be a little rough, but the tiny particles are gentle on the skin. I was impressed by this and even more so with the way my skin felt after (extremely smooth). I did not break out after using it as I don’t have super sensitive skin  but the instructions indicate that it’s not suitable for sensitive skin. Although it’s not harsh it’s recommended to be used no more than twice a week. 

I have been using it twice a week religiously for about month now. My marks have gotten a little lighter, and after I use it my skin is considerably brighter. If I wear a lot of makeup , I like using this after cleansing as I know it will remove all the excess product. It has a citrus scent which I’m fine with as I think it’s quite fresh. 

Priced at R155 for a 75ml tube, I think it’s reasonable when compared to other brands that aim to achieve the same result. 

If you’re looking for a weekly treat for your skin I would definitely recommend this. The Body Shop also runs great specials for those registered on their membership program so I suggest popping into nearest one to take advantage of it. 



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