Nova Washable Nail Polish Review

Hi Lovelies

I have always admired well manicured nails as well nail art. Due to religious reasons (I can’t pray without removing the nail polish as they are water resistant) I have always steered clear of it. As it is basically a waste getting my nails done.
So when I heard about the Nova washable nail polish I was intrigued. Tasneem from Muse SA sent me a bottle of this gorgeous nude shade “Sweet Almond”. 

 There have been an array of nail polishes released catering for Muslims so to speak. Some claiming to be permeable and a few that you can peel off but none that are washable. 

Product Description:

– The consistency is quite watery.

– It takes about 10 minutes or so to dry.

– It dries to a glossy finish. I applied one coat and let it dry and then I applied another.

 – This product is paraben and alcohol free. So there’s no strong smell.

– Please note it is completely washable not permeable. 

Watch below… 

As you see you don’t need any soap to remove it. Water is sufficient. As I rubbed it off the polish from the other nails came off as well. 

It’s convenient in the sense that you don’t have to use nail polish remover or peel it off which is time consuming. But every time you wash your hands it is going to wash off, so in that sense it’s not practical if you require it to last an entire day. 

I quite like it though , so for special occasions it’s worth it.

Here’s a list of colours .

The next colour I want to try is mint lemonade . To purchase contact Muse SA



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