Social Media X Blogging 

Hi Lovelies 

Social media plays and integral part in blogging. Your blogging capabilities are primarily judged by stats and your following. I am no stranger to this and I rely on social media platforms to get my posts across. These social platforms can have negative reactions with one being judged or even developing narcissistic tendencies.

I decided to filter through my social media platforms recently. I follow a lot of unnecessary pages on Instagram and it became tedious trying to unfollow them manually. I downloaded an app that can assist in this regard. Well apart from giving you the option to unfollow multiple contacts they showed you contacts that don’t follow you.

Yes it was a case of ‘Curiosity killed the cat’ and I scrolled through the list. 



Why isn’t ‘…’ following me and I follow them?

I ranted a bit to a friend.

I then thought: Shaheeda are you that superficial? (Narcissistic tendencies maybe?)

My inner rational mind prevailed and it was time for some introspection.

Do you think that you are that important that people need to follow you?

No you aren’t (as much as some have made you feel that way).

Do you feel the need to be popular?

No you don’t. You have never been part of the “popular” crowd, but you do have a few close friends that are extremely supportive of your blogging career.

Do you thrive on people telling you how pretty or stylish you are?

No you have come a long way from the shy introvert that you once were. You are comfortable in your own skin and don’t need affirmation from anyone as much as it warms your heart when people are kind with their compliments. 

Our first thoughts when people don’t reciprocate in a kind manner is automatically “Haters gonna hate…”. I realized although we forge relationships on social media, be it with brands or people they aren’t forced to like or follow you. They don’t necessarily hate you.

No matter how much I can deny the fact, I did have a bout of narcissism and it’s not healthy. So as this blogger from a small town with big fashion dreams, I will carry on pursuing my dreams. But I will always remind myself that I am doing what I do, because I love it, and I will not seek validation from social media norms.  




2 thoughts on “Social Media X Blogging 

  1. shazia2424 says:

    Which app did you get? I’ve been looking for a way to unfollow multiple people at once, this would be really helpful

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