Strobing – Makeups “New” Trend 

Hello Lovelies

Just when we thought contouring was the holy grail of makeup royalty, a different makeup technique has come to light (light being the imperative word).

Say hello to STROBING

The best way to describe strobing is that it’s contra-contouring. You’re basically only highlighting your face on its most prominent points…Resulting in a glow a la JLo.


To give you a clearer description of this technique I have rounded up some of my favourite makeup artists to break down the trend.

 27 Pinkx (The makeup artist duo based in Johannesburg and they own online makeup and beauty store 27Pinkx)

Strobing is all about multidimensional radiance. The most important step of strobing: highlighting all the right places, high planes and points of the face that catch the light to create spot-lit areas.

We suggest priming your face with Egyptian magic then for added luminosity apply a light layer of foundation or bb cream. Use a creamy highlighter on all the high planes of your face including the inner corners of the eye set the highlighted areas with a highlight powder for that extra glow.  

They were kind enough to provide me with the image below with a detailed description of products that you can use to achieve this look.  
All the above products are available on the 27Pinkx online store Here

Matte Makeup (Durban based makeup artist duo)
Strobing is anti-contour! So if you’re looking for a natural glow without the intense contour then strobing is what we would call it. It’s like you are ‘lit from within ‘, as we highlight to the extreme. To achieve this look you would apply a liquid foundation, to get a dewy look. After powdering and concealing you can start the highlight process and thereafter add a touch of blush. Personally I love a good contour, so I will be sticking to both techniques, however if you’re going for a natural everyday summer look, strobing is perfect. I would not recommend this technique for oily skin. #ChanceOfLookingLikeAGreaseBall

 Tasneem Vally (Johannesburg makeup artist)

I have always been a firm believer in natural, glowing, dewy skin, and like Wayne Goss, I also believe that makeup should enhance existing features not remould it. So between strobing and contouring, I’m all for strobing, which is about ‘finding your light’. So instead of ‘re-sculpting’ the face which can go horribly wrong, find areas on the face which has a natural glow to it when hit by natural light and use a highlighter that’s not sparkly to enhance the glow. Why I love this technique, it saves you time, it’s effortless, you can rarely make a mistake and best of all, you will have a natural, glowing complexion.

Raeesah (Rayella Makeup) (Durban based makeup artist and M•A•C girl)

This trend completely pulls away from the dramatic effects of highlighting and contouring. Strobing is based around where the light reflects on the face as well as healthy naturally glowing skin. There’s no sculpting or carving out of the face to create dimension.

In order to achieve this strobing technique one has to use products such as illuminators mixed with the foundation to create dewy, glowy skin and highlighters with soft glow effects to them on the high points of the face.  

My honest opinion of what I prefer, I absolutely love highlighting and contouring I feel that it’s never going to leave this industry and it’s become a norm to do it. But at the same time I am in love with the strobing technique, I do believe sometimes less is more and this technique is exactly that. Especially during these winter months strobing is definitely something I’m going to be doing often.

Tasneem Bamath (Cake Face) (Johannesburg based makeup artist and Zukreat graduate) 
Basically this isn’t my thing #CakeFace (lol). Reason being you have to have virtually flawless skin to be able to highlight the skin that much to get away with it. There are many ways to achieve glory skin and this is a good technique but not something where I will be keen with ditching contouring. Just because contouring, in my opinion is very flattering for most people. Nothing crazy intense but it recedes and hides certain areas and then intensifies and brightens other areas which I like. Strobing can be used on a day to day basis or even a full on glam session. I prefer contouring, I like the cake. Strobing is just Mario’s way of saying that he has taken an age old technique and hyped it up to get more sales in his glow products. 🙂 

 Tasneem Hassim (Muse SA) (Budding makeup artist and owner of online Beauty store Muse SA -stocking sought after internationally renowned beauty brands)

I was amazed to hear recently of a technique called strobing. Girls, strobing is something many of us have always been doing with a fancier name attached to it now. It is essentially highlighting areas of the face that would naturally catch light -the cheekbones, along your temples, down the bridge of your nose, below your brow bone and your cupids bow. Since it’s all about getting the perfect glow, well moisturised skin is essential. Choose a highlighter which complements your natural skin colour. As much as we would love to have a full on glossy face, go easy on the areas where you are already oily. Lastly blend out to ensure it looks seamless with no harsh edges or lines! My fave highlighters are M•A•C Soft and Gentle, NARS Albatross, Beccs Opal (I could go on and on. I’m a highlighter junkie!!!) And there you have it, a few simple steps to youthful, glowy dewy skin without all the complications of contouring.Give it a try. 

So here you have it ladies, strobing seems easy enough to achieve but there are a few cons too. The main thing being it is a total no go if you have oily skin.

I personally like healthy ,glowing skin so I would definitely take to strobing. On the other hand I have grown quite fond of defined cheekbones and I am not ready to discard my bronzer. I basically implement a soft contour I never go harsh with the products. Why not have the best of both then.

 Thanks to all the lovely ladies who contributed to this article with their expertise. (Please click on their names to find them on social media).

So are you ready to ditch the powder/foundation 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone?




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