Modest Attire: The Tunic 

Hello Lovelies

Modest dressing requires longer length loose items of clothing. One of your key must haves in this regard is the tunic. The length of a tunic is ideal to pair with skinny pants or jeans. Most retail and online stores stock them now and they are available  in various cuts and prints that are modern. I suggest having a look on Spree and Zando

Here’s my take on The Tunic

Military inspired tones are all over the place and I’m so in to surprisingly. I have been looking for a top or shirt in this olive tone and I was pretty chuffed when I found this tunic at Woolworths. It’s also pretty light weight , hence the jacket (an old favourite from Country Road) as it has been pretty icy off late. The plus is that I can wear it on warmer days too. I paired it with my favourite skinny pants (which feel like leggings). Louis (yup he pretty much goes everywhere with me) and  pointy ankle boots from Charle’s and Keith finish of the look. I said I wouldn’t purchase boots this season but alas I was tempted. The scarf is a pashmina that I purchased about two winters ago. Due it being cold I decided to wear it as a head scarf.

(Tunic, pants and pashmina -Woolworths)

I always tend to gravitate towards natural tones like tan and beige so this colour combo is high up on my list of must haves. 

 My normal everyday dressing isn’t necessarily provocative and I don’t usually wear the head scarf but with it being the holy month of Ramadaan I dress a little more modestly. 

I hope that you’re enjoying this series. I have been a little unmotivated lately and the blog took a back seat but I’m back now ,hoping this bout of inspiration lasts. 



P.S: As much as I wish I could do outfit posts  in chic urban locations my lifestyle and full time job doesn’t allow me this privilege very often. So the black garage door back drop at my cousins house (the lighting is amazing there) would have to do). 

2 thoughts on “Modest Attire: The Tunic 

  1. Rushda says:

    I also swear by tunics, and you really don’t need to apologize for location. It’s your blog and readers will read it because we enjoy your content and look post….

    Hope you’ve have a good Ramadaan this far. xx

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