Modest Attire :The Turban 

Hello Lovelies 

Ramadaan Mubarak to all my Muslim readers (I know this is a teeny bit delayed). 

Modest attire has become increasingly popular with many a young person donning the hijab. Dressing modestly can be tricky and I have been inundated with requests in the past to do more posts catering for the modest yet modern woman. 

I approached fellow blogger Zakiyya (a real darling) from Loubi Lovers to put together a few modest outfit posts to share with you. Zakiyya is a trendy young lady , but her sense of style transcends trends as she adds her own little spin to her ensembles. 

Today she styles the Turban. 

The turban has become incessantly popular over the years and if you’re familiar with hijabi bloggers you definitely heard of  Ascia , who is the turban queen.

Zakiyya styled three looks donning the turban ,all varied but ever so chic.

Sports Luxe

This is a fun and chilled weekend look. Pair sneakers with some of your more classic pieces to achieve this look. 

Winter Chic

I love how Zakiyya has mixed together a few winter staples to put together the looks below. Notice how her layering is proportionate that’s the most important. Wear chunkier items above more fitted items to create a put together appearance. 

The turban adds a very regal feel to an ensemble, and I feel whatever your style is (as demonstrated above) you can adapt it into your wardrobe. 

Thanks to Zakiyya for this and look out for more posts featuring her soon.

(Disclaimer: We are in no way demonstrating that this is proper Islamic attire , it’s just showing how one can style fashionable items in a modest fashion). 



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