Trend Post: The Sleeveless Coat

Hi lovelies 

There haven’t been many trend posts up on le blog due to the fact that I haven’t found a trend that I haven’t blogged about yet. Until now…

The sleeveless coat is perfect for transitional weather. My style icon Victoria Beckham is rather fond of this cover up. Unlike normal coats it isn’t bulky and uncomfortable especially if you are on the go. They are available in lightweight fabrics which can be worn during warmer weather. There are also warmer variants available for when winter really makes an appearance. 


 It adds an instant update to the usual winter ensemble. Which becomes rather monotonous to me after a while as I’m a summer babe.

-Wear over skinny jeans/pants and a plain long sleeve t-shirt or knit.

-Wear it over a knit dress.

-Add a belt to create a sleek silhouette. 

-Purchase it in a neutral shade like camel- It will go with everything in your closet.

-For a corporate ensemble wear over a crisp shirt and formal slacks.

– If you’re on the shorter side find one that’s just below your knew as a longer one might appear frumpy. 

-Wear with heels. 

Style Inspiration 



I adore this trend so it’s definitely going to make it into my closet. 



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