Basics: The White Shirt

Hello Lovelies 

What do you really need in your closet? Well I’m going to give you a few options in a series of posts labelled “basics”. There are some pieces that are imperative in a closet as you can build up on them. They are usually items that can be worn both casually and formally , seasonly and they are classics (they don’t date).

Todays basic is The White Shirt.

A white shirt has a multitude of style possibilities and you should definitely own one.

  • Wear it as workwear with a blazer, formal pants or pencil skirt.
  • Pair it with your favourite jeans for a relaxed casual ensemble.
  • You can also be creative and wear it with a full skirt for a chic event look. 
  • When it’s colder layer it with a chunky knit, sweater or cardigan. 




White shirts come in an array of different cuts. There aren’t only structured ones for work wear , you can also find more relaxed fits. I personally like the relaxed longer length ones that are have a more casual appeal.

Here’s one way I styled my white shirt for a casual Saturday look. 


To amp up the look I would throw on a pair of heels and a cropped jacket. 

A few pointers:

  • If your shirt is sheer (they usually are) please wear the correct undergarments. Nude underwear or a camisole. 
  • Purchase one of good quality as it will last if you take care of it properly.
  • Always handwash separately with special detergent (like Vanish) to keep your shirt in pristine quality for as long as possible. 



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