Trend Alert: The Must Have Winter Cover-up

Hi Lovelies

Winter trends very rarely change but I have spotted something on my latest shopping trip that appears to be quite popular for this season.
The Blanket Cape/Coat. Which I have taken to referring to as winters kimono.

Burberry was at the forefront of this trend and the Rosie’s, Cara’s, Sarah Jessica’s and Olivia’s were seen rocking this trend on and off the runway. Their Blanket coats were personalized with their initials though.


Okay it looks pretty awesome on them, but for me it is a little too much like a shawl that my grandma owns.
I was a little curious as to how it would look so I did a little change room modelling at Foschini.


It was really warm , but no I didn’t walk out with it since it is definitely something I wouldn’t wear.
One tip when rocking this look: Wear over fitted and tapered clothing so you don’t look like a “bag-lady”.
There is one pro: It conceals those extra winter kilo’s.
It isn’t a hideous trend but you won’t see me wrapped up in a blankie this winter. How about you?


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