The Three Product Face

Hello Lovelies

On my recent trip to Saudi I was sans makeup 97.2% of the time. Yes not bothering about my panda eyes was quite a shock for me too.

But todays post is about the 2.8% of the time that I livened up my face. Using only THREE makeup products.

1) Concealer- If there’s any one item of makeup that I think everyone should own it has to be concealer. It instantly covers blemishes and brightens up the face creating an illusion of an almost perfect complexion. I carried along a stick concealer as it’s easy to apply you don’t need a brush, just blend with your fingers. I have been using The Body Shop All In One Concealer as a “touch up” concealer and although it might need to be reapplied during the course of the day it does a pretty good job.

2) A lip colour that’s close to your natural lip shade-Find a lip colour that enhances your natural lip colour. The subtle pop of colour does wonders trust me. It could be a lipstick or lip balm. I love the Clinique Chubby stick as it’s nourishing and easy to apply even if you don’t have a mirror on hand. My favourite shade is curviest caramel and it’s something that’s always in makeup bag.

3) Bronzer- Up until last (when my contouring craze started) I didn’t own a bronzer. Yes I admit I was missing out on one of Makeups many pleasures. A warmer complexion makes your skin appear healthier. Just a dusting on the hollows of your cheeks and jawline does a world of difference to a sallow complexion. I have a few bronzers now but a firm favourite is the Smashbox Bronze Lights- Sunkissed Matte.

And here we have the 3 product face that takes about 5 minutes:


These tricks aren’t the answer to a perfectly made up face but it sure does help. It’s also great for those who have time constraints or aren’t fond of too much makeup but would like to enhance their features.

What are your makeup quick fixes?


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