Zuhair Murad Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

Hello Lovelies

I have a keen interest in design and once I find a garment from a collection that I like I tend to get fixated and search for the entire collection. Hence today’s post.

Zuhair Murad is one of my favourite designers and his latest collection ,the Pre-fall 2015 collection, wowed me. It caught my attention due to being stunningly chic and simple.

The collection is easy to wear in neutral tones and comprises of jumpsuits , pants suits , dresses and of course Zuhair’s stunning couture gowns.Laser cut fabrics, cinched in waists, sheer fabrics, pleats and a bit of military accents are predominant in the collection. Monochrome is the ultimate classic and makes up a considerable part of the collection as well as all black and all white ensembles. A pop of colour is also present with pink , turquoise , different blue hues and printed fabrics.

Feast your eyes on some of the beautiful garments on offer…










I find beauty in all the garments but my favourites have got to be the monochrome full skirt ensemble featured in the first photo and all the clean cut jumpsuits and jackets. The coat in the fifth picture is such a dream I adore the cutout detail.

But the ultimate wow factor of this collection (for me) was this beautiful dress. The colour ,the fabric the detail is just everything!!!!


Dreaming of Swanning around in Zuhair Murad this evening is definitely on the cards…


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