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Any Indian girl can testify that dark hair is a biatch when it’s noticeable on your body. I have resorted to waxing for most of my life but it can be tedious as it’s not something I can do on my own. Two friends mentioned that they use epilators and this daunting instrument seemed like my last resort. Why daunting? Imagine a ton of mini tweezers on an electrical appliance!!!


I put my fear aside and purchased one a few months ago. And I have no regrets.
So what does the previously daunting appliance do?
An epilator is made up of multiple tweezers that remove hair from the root. It’s similar to waxing but waxing is a lot more abrasive especially if it isn’t conducted properly.

Epilators come in a variety of sizes. Also the cost is brand dependent. I purchased a reasonably priced Philips one from Clicks. I decided since I’m trying it out I rather purchase something cost effective. The only thing I don’t like about the one that I purchased is that it’s not rechargeable so I have to use it while it’s plugged on. You also get special epilators for face and body, the body ones aren’t recommended for facial use.

How to use an epilator?
You know those little papers that come with appliances and have a ton of different languages on them. Read it. It’s very similar to shaving though as you go against the hair growth, but it isn’t a shaver so please read instructions. Before use it’s a good idea to exfoliate but if you don’t have time just make sure the skin isn’t dry. Some brands have a pre-epilation spray but it’s not necessary just use a cream a few minutes before.

So far I have only used the epilator on my arms. I haven’t experienced ingrown hairs or any adverse effects like rashes. You must note this is possible so it’s good to try it out on a small area first to see how your skin reacts. At first I felt it a bit painful but not as painful as waxing. Once you get used to it you’re all good. I have to wax my arms every 3-4 weeks so I used that as a bench mark to see if epilation is worth it. It was exactly the same. It takes me about 15 minutes to do both my arms, which is fine since I can do it in the comfort of my own home.

I spotted a Braun Face epilator when at Huda Beauty reviewed it recently here and I’m looking to purchase it as I think it might just make life that much easier.

If you own an epilator comment below which brand you have and how well it works. I would love to know.


6 thoughts on “Epilation.

  1. fatigani says:

    I’ve used the epilator forever. My mum gave me on when I was 15. It’s the only method I use. I’m always trying to convince everyone to try it. The huge plus Is that one doesn’t have to grow a full coat of hair before the next removal. Just whip it out anytime for a touch up.

  2. naby says:

    Please post more on this method. Im drowning in laser removal and waxing bills. Im really so keen to try this out now but would like a few recommendations on which one to get, etc. Thanks for a great and informative post

    • shaheedam says:

      It’s basically like tweezing but the Epilator has tons of tweezers on it. It takes some getting used to but it’s not excruciating if you can manage waxing and laser this will be fine. I’m currently using a Philips one which I find too small I suggest having a look at one of the Braun ones they seem to be the most popular. Check DisChem and Clicks for regular specials as well. They have different sizes and price ranges. But if you’re looking for the face there are specific ones for the face. You can’t use the body one on your face.

  3. nuhaabardien says:

    I got a veer epilator which has been amazing! I love the convenience of it and the fact that, as @fatigani mentioned, you don’t have to wait until the hair is fully grown

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