When Gym attire becomes Street Style

Hello Lovelies

Firstly woweeee it’s December. In all honesty I kind of can’t wait to put 2014 behind me for a multitude of reasons but before I ramble on, this is a trend post not a rant so here we go…

The Sporty luxe trend has dominated fashion recently and I have taken to it. I love the laid back yet chic presence. A facet of that trend has been wearing sneakers with non sporty items and don’t mean Isabel Marant wedge heels or even Chuck Taylor’s. Those gym sneakers or takkies (as we refer to them in South Africa) have found their way into street style without looking like you’re off to a spinning class that is. It’s so incessantly popular even Chanel adopted the trend (Yup the same Karl who thinks sweatpants means you have given up, thinks it’s fashionable).

How do you work the gym sneaker into your wardrobe?
– Wear with more feminine items like skirts.
– If you’re going for chic look then pair with clean cut classic clothing in neutral tones. Like blazers, shirts and cardigans.
– Going for bold? Wear with bright hues and prints. This can be busy and sometimes overbearing but there are a select few fashionistas that rock this look.
– For a more relaxed look pair with boyfriend jeans and accessorise with chunky jewellery.




This trend can just as easily go from chic to frumpy if you don’t balance out your ensemble by adding more formal items.

It’s not for everybody and my gym takkies are going to remain just that….


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