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women’s knee-length trousers, cut with full legs to resemble a skirt.

Today’s trend post is about the above item of clothing that originated in Victorian times (Major Throwback).
A time where flouncy skirts were acceptable attire but not all that practical. So a genius decided to split a skirt and create culottes. They resemble skirts but are a lot easier when attempting to ride a horse for example.

These pants have made it through the decades and they are trendy (again) but thank heavens we have cars now.
Culottes are essentially wide legged trousers that vary in lengths from below the knee to just above the ankle. They were trendy about 9 years ago I had a pair that I bought from YDE. They might be trendy but they aren’t easy to style especially if you have short legs, the cut can draw a lot of attention to this. Also if you’re curvy the silhouette can make you look bigger than you actually are.
I have no idea how culottes will look on me now but I quite like them. Fashionistas have been adapting them to suit current trends and they make it look so effortless.

Culottes have proven to be versatile in the styling stakes.

They are acceptable enough to wear as work wear. Pair with structured shirts and a great pair of courts. If you want to be a little daring wear with bright heels.


If you’re a classic soul pair with blazers or a button down shirt in a light weight fabric.


Street style encompasses casual chic for me. And by far this is my favourite way to style culottes. Paired with loose t-shirts and statement shoes for the ultimate casual chic ensemble.


If you’re a creative spirit don’t despair these classic pants can be adapted to your style. Wear them as matching separates in bold prints. Or mix different prints and textures to create a unique ensemble.


The sports luxe trend has dominated the last few seasons. Pairing sneakers that were usually reserved for the gym with more formal attire has become all the rage lately. If you aren’t blessed with long legs I don’t suggest going with the chunky sneaker rather opt for more streamlined shapes like converse for example.


So now to find culottes to suit my new shape….


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