Trend Post: Discussing Distressed Denim

Hello Lovelies

I did a post when I found a pair of boyfriend jeans that was true to my style and I can’t get enough of them. This post is along those lines.

A lot of trends that are reminiscent of the 90’s have been making a comeback lately. This post actually touches on one of the more prevalent 90’s comeback trends for this season :


Due to my own preferences I like the ripped areas to be covered but this trend goes against all that. There are different levels of distress-ment (Lol for the lack of a better word) some that are way out which I think is a little OTT! Distressed denim doesn’t necessarily have to be of the boyfriend variety you can also get distressed skinnies if you prefer them.



If you’re looking for that effortless street style look for this season pair with graphic t-shirts ,Breton stripes or neutral pieces. What makes the look pop for me are amazing heels as it glams up the grunge look. Also adding a little more classic feminine pieces like blazers neutralizes the look.


On that note you won’t find me rocking 90’s ripped denim but if you’re going to rock it this season remember the key rule : “There’s such a thing as too much skin.”


2 thoughts on “Trend Post: Discussing Distressed Denim

  1. Maseehah Moosa says:

    I love to wear distressed jeans! They make any outfit look effortlessly chic! This trend is by far my fave! You have a really pretty and well written blog! Looking forward to more posts! -masee

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