Spring Shoe Trend- The Mule

Hello Lovelies

Mules have got to be one of the shoe styles that are quite popular this season (secondary to the Birks I presume). I posted a picture of a pair on Instagram and they were shunned by the majority.


The style is kind if growing on me as I looked for pictures I came across a few fashionistas that totally do justice to the mule.


Of course there are a few less than attractive ones doing the rounds but I found these sling back block heel ones at Cotton On and I love them.


Not to mention they are extremely comfortable too, so if you are on the move and on your feet all the time they are great. The only thing to be careful with open back ones your feet can jut out in the front and now that’s just nasty!

I want to try an opened back one and see if it strikes my fancy, or as one of my Instagram followers put it, it might just look like “Something my mother would wear”. That’s a story for another day, Mule 2.0.

Until then.


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