How to dress for transitioning seasons.

Hello Lovelies

Over the past week the Spring sunshine and warmth has evaded us, so I have taken to referring to the current weather as SWINTER. I don’t know about you but multiple seasons during the day makes it a little difficult getting dressed every morning. My morning ritual is to grab my phone and check the weather then I get out of bed and peek out the window to suss out the situation (partly hoping that the dreary forecast on my phone isn’t true).

As much as I wish I could wear kimonos and strappy sandals it’s not possible so I have tried incorporating some of my Autumn/Winter essentials to dress for SWINTER.

Here are some of my go to items:


1) Blazer- This lightweight jacket is great to throw over shirts or tanks when the sunshine disappears.

2) Leather Jacket- This timeless classic was all the rage last season but you can still wear it now over basically everything. It’s also a great way to cover up a maxi dress also adding a little edge to an otherwise girly ensemble.

3) Ankle Boots- Especially the cut out styles are ideal if it’s too cold to show off your new pedi. They also look great when paired with skirts and dresses it adds a little boho touch.

4) Trench Coat- If you don’t have this in your closet you better invest in one. A trench coat is generally made up of lightweight material and it’s perfect for those sudden showers.

5) Light Weight Sweaters- These have been my ultimate favorites as they aren’t too stuffy if it gets warm. The statement sweater is here to stay I even spotted two styles at Mango although it’s spring.

Soo here’s hoping tomorrow we wake up to sunshine until then enjoy SWINTER…


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