Barely Bare Faced…

Hello Lovelies

I have been thinking about doing this post for a while now as the “No Makeup” makeup trend has dominated runways and editorials recently (Actually the backdrop for my pictures is a makeup feature in ELLE SA’s September issue).

I’m not ready to go bare faced a la Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 models, albeit healthier. As a teenager I had really good skin with no major breakouts or acne and pigmentation was the least of my worries. The skin demons attacked when I turned 24 I think so I began to be more conscious. I never ever turned to heavy coverage and just used tinted moisturizer and concealer. But now with the “less is more” trend taking over makeup there’s an array of lightweight coverage to choose from.

Before the au Naturel makeup took centre stage I have always admired Mila Kunis and her understated makeup.


Yes Mila looks like she’s almost bare faced but hey any makeup junkie knows there’s a lot that goes into that look!

So in this post I’m going to touch on a few things that goes into creating a “No Makeup” Makeup look…

The base of this look is lightweight coverage and your go products should be a BB cream (1), a light to medium coverage liquid foundation I love the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua (2) or a CC cream (3). These products don’t offer immense coverage but they offer that dewy look. For added coverage in areas that you might need it use a little concealer.

To get those flushed pretty cheeks that little cherubs have you will need some blush for help in that regard unless you blessed with rosy cheeks.
Blush comes in different variants:
Powder (1), Liquid (2) and Cream (3). I find liquid and cream blush gives the most dewy finish but if I want it to last a little longer I add a little powder blush on top. To recreate the barely there look go for rosy and coral shades.

Contouring has become really popular amongst make up artists and the two main components of contouring are highlighters and bronzers. (I will be doing a contouring post to follow this one).

Adding a little shimmer to your to cheeks brings adds that glow that we all covet. You can either use a cream based(1) or powder based highlighters (2).

To contour and sculpt you would need a matte bronzer two to three shades darker than your skin tone. For this you could use powder (1) for a lighter effect or cream based (2) products for a more pronounced effect.

When it comes to the eyes and lips neutral and pinky tones are your go to shades. There’s an array of neutral eyeshadow palettes on offer to suit most budgets. But if you’re looking to splurge the Urban Decay Naked palettes have amazing shades that are perfect for the muted look.



To finish off use a slick of mascara and eyeliner. I’d go with brown. I very rarely wear mascara and liner because I wear glasses daily at work and I tend to touch my eyes a lot.

Here’s how I adapted the look:


This has been one of my favourite posts, I just love makeup too much for my own good.

Following this post I’m going to do a more in depth contouring post so look out for that.


3 thoughts on “Barely Bare Faced…

  1. arnaaz says:

    This is exactly the look I’m going for with regards to my own make up experimentation and trying to find a daily minimal make up routine. Please do share the lip colours pictured in the lip picture above. Those are the nudey pinks/light Browns that I gravitate too. Jazakallah

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