A Young Lady With Heart

Hello Lovelies

A dream of mine is to launch the “Style By Shaheeda” brand and yesterday I had the opportunity to network and put my skills to use for such an amazing initiative.

So let’s starts at the beginning… I’m kind of in a rut job wise and I’m looking to expand my horizons into something I’m passionate about. I approached Lara Edmonds of Just Boutique , which is an online directory of events and basically lifestyle inspired businesses in Pietermaritzburg. After chatting to Lara she saw my vision and passion and she was keen to work with me. Lara then introduced me to “A Young Lady with heart”, a community event which she spearheads.

The “Young Lady With Heart” initiative brings together twenty grade 11 girls from different schools and backgrounds to compete for the ultimate prize of being the Belle of the Ball at their matric ball next year. The girls were nominated by their peers or teachers. They are nominated on the basis of their commitment to school, charities and basically on their kind hearts when it comes to anything from family to outsiders. Five girls are then chosen as finalists and the ultimate winner is chosen by the public. She wins her entire matric ball look!

The vetting process was yesterday when the girls were interviewed to narrow it down to five. My role in this whole process was to do a mini style workshop with the girls. Any opportunity for me to blab about what I love right! I basically chatted about presentation and style personalities. And how they shouldn’t let trends rule them. I also added a little makeup tutoring to the mix giving them an idea of what they can use to achieve the natural non fussy look as they are still young.

They might have learnt something from me but I learnt from them as well. I was keen to find out if brands and peer pressure regarding clothing was still as rife as when I was 16. These girls were in mixed groups from private to public schools but the basic consensus was that it’s not as prevalent as before but it still exists. Another thing was each girl said she barely follows trends, they basically wear what they are comfortable in, which for me is commendable.



These are the young ladies with amazing hearts that I had the opportunity to engage with…



We were each given the task of providing a quote that the girls can take home with them on a keyring.


Lara composed a poem on the initiative, which is so beautiful incorporating the butterfly analogy…


It was such a humbling experience to be able to engage with these kind souls. The girls dreams range from becoming doctors to fashion designers so you can imagine the different personalities. I was told the girls enjoyed my workshops which made my heart so happy. Ooh and I was told the girls were fond of my shoes 🙂


Good luck to all the girls nominated and much love from Style By Shaheeda.


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