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Mall trawling could be a thing of the past with online stores becoming incessantly popular. The online shopping phenomenon isn’t new to our shores but off late it has taken off considerably. These stores make international products more accessible with less admin as you don’t have to worry about custom duties when purchasing from South African based stores.

One such store stocking internationally renowned cult products is Hashtag Awesome (quite a cool name right?!). Hashtag Awesome is a fairly new brand and their main aim is to bring luxury products (be it beauty or household) to the South African Consumer.

Eos ,the beauty brand that I have found a few ladies enthralled by , is available from the store (Yes ladies shriek now!!!) I was lucky enough to receive products from Hashtag Awesome to review and I must say their delivery service was superb. In my opinion this gives an indication of how well a brand is run as service delivery is of utmost importance especially when purchasing online.


Oh and they stock the coolest looking toilet paper and Kitchen Paper towels that I have ever seen,by Renova.
See what I mean:


I asked the owner, Mohsin ,for a little insight into the store and this is what he had to say:

“Hashtag awesome is the culmination of our passion- bringing international trends to South Africa.
We have an eye for products with a cult following and do not hold back when curating our products. We believe in our products which gives
us the opportunity to offer a diverse range of type of products to our customers. Whats on the cards going forward? Well, we love excitement and assure you that we have plenty on the cards for both guys and girls…things are definitely going to get a whole lot more awesome!”

As I mentioned the site is fairly new but I love the vision and the current products on offer are #Awesome so I’m anticipating their future offerings.

Have a look at their website here and follow them on Instagram: @hashtagawesomeza and like their Facebook page here for regular updates.

Ready, set… SHOP!


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