Trend Post (And You thought you were done with the 90’s)

Hello Lovelies

Spring fashion has graced our stores and boy am I not happy with what’s on offer at the moment. I guess I’m going to stick to my usual classic ensembles and I’m just going to add new accessories (Hello new shoes!!!).

A MAJOR trend that’s in EVERY store is…


Yes the infamous crop top. The Chers, Britney’s and Christina’s donned them in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Baring your midriff is back baybee! Flat belly workout anyone? I’m personally not a fan and not only because I don’t have a 6 pack. That should actually be the only reason though as it’s really unflattering if you want to bare a bulge (trust me people do).

That said I have seen people rocking this look and it looks amazing on them. The crop top has also been upgraded in the fashion stakes. Fashionistas have been making it a lot more chic by styling them with formal items in rich textures. Think silk midi skirts and killer heels. It can also be fun and frivolous when paired with sneakers and jeans. I could say it’s pretty versatile then. It works well with sporty luxe (Yes every post goes back to sporty luxe).




Also for modesty and religious reasons I don’t bare that much skin (judgementals I know I’m not perfect either) and I know a lot of you are the same. Just a thought if you do want to try out this trend , wear it over a camisole , maxi dress or high waisted skirts and pants.

The truth is certain trends aren’t for everybody so if you’re aren’t comfortable in it don’t wear it. I can’t reiterate this enough. So yeah I’m not jumping on the Birkenstock and midriff baring craze this season.

On that note who is going to do ab crunches now?


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