Stila “Eyes are the Window” Palettes…


Hello Lovelies

Stila has become a favourite in my beauty kit, and when I received a press release indicating that their new eye shadow palettes were being launched this month (Mid August 2014) I was delighted. Funny thing though I hardly ever use eye shadow (My friend Zaakira says it’s okay I collect them).

I’m usually taken by the packaging and Stila hasn’t disappointed in that aspect with their latest “Eyes are the window” collection. The different luxurious shades of gold encapsulate 12 eye shadows in each palette. The notion behind the name “Eyes are the window” is that true beauty arises from within. Highlight your inner beauty with one of the 4 palettes offer…

“Eyes are the window to the BODY, MIND, SPIRIT and SOUL”

Eyes are the window- Body is made up of bright and neutral shades. If you enjoy a little colour on your eyes then this ones for you. I love the teal and deep purple shades in this palette, great for adding some drama on the outer corner or just using it as a liner. (For more detail on the shades on offer in this palette read here)

Eyes are the window-Mind is an assortment of neutral matte eye shadows. Great for using as a base. I actually saw another Stila palette with similar shades which I’m glad I didn’t purchase because I want this one. (For more detail on the shades on offer in this palette read here)

Eyes are the window- Spirit is an array of Stila’s most popular shades in both matte and shimmer tones. (For more details on the shades on offer in this palette read here)

Eyes are the window- Soul out of all is my favourite palette as I love neutral tones. This is a great palette to use everyday. (For more details on the shades on offer in this palette read here)

All the palettes come with a look book which is a great indication of how to use the shadows if you’re not too sure.

I have my favourites as I indicated above but I love them all so much it’s difficult to decide which one I really want (Early early birthday present anyone)..

Palettes cost R495 each. Stila Cosmetics are available at Woolworths and Selected Stuttafords stores as of this month.


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