Bye Bye Dry…

Hello Lovelies

Winter is one of the harshest seasons on my body, and this year was no different. Our fasting period fell in the heart of winter as well, so my body was also a little dehydrated. I started getting chapped lips and dry patches on my skin. My hair also suffered but that’s my fault as I decided to add highlights (probably the last time I do that many). So I was on the lookout for products to combat the “Dry Season”. Three products stood out for me…

Lipscuff from The Body Shop:

Dry lips are just about one of the most unattractive things, and I find myself reaching for lip balm constantly in winter. This ensued temporary relief but I needed something more. I don’t generally like lip exfoliators as I find them a mission to apply, so when I found one shaped like a lipstick I was thrilled. The Body Shop Lipscuff is a gentle exfoliator that also conditions lips. Smooth lips make for better lipstick application, and this product works wonders. I use it twice a day when my lips are extra dry, or just once at night. There is some residue left so I dab it off using a tissue. And I apply lip balm immediately after. Also remember to clean the edge of the applicator after every use as it can get messy. I took advantage of the sale at The Body Shop so I paid a little less, but the normal price is R99. I actually bought a spare one as I really love it.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream:

This is a cult beauty favourite amongst beauty bloggers. I purchased a tube as nothing seemed to help the dry patches that made a sudden appearance on my skin. I used it twice daily over two days, and the patches disappeared! The Eight Hour Cream is a multi-purpose product which makes it a must have. You can use it as a lip balm, to soften cuticles and it can also be used to tame your eyebrows. A great tip that I picked up while watching, beauty blogger and makeup artist, Huda Beauty videos was that it can be used as a HIGHLIGHTER too, just dab above the apples of your cheek to create a radiant glow. I personally wouldn’t use this during the day though. This cream is quite nourishing and a small amount can be used on your entire face. Also if you have oily skin, I don’t suggest that you use it on your entire face. It takes a while for your skin to soak up the product so use it an hour before bed. My only qualm although it says it is unscented there is a scent, which I am not fond of but the many benefits make up for it. A tube of the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream retails at R195.

L’Oreal Mythic Oil Hair Masque

I had no intention of buying an expensive hair masque but now and then when I visit my local salon the assistants suggest products. My hair wasn’t at its optimum condition due to intense colour so I decided to try out the L’Oreal Mythic Oil Hair Masque, and yes it did live up to the sales pitch. Anyone who has had in salon hair treatments knows how amazing your hair feels when you walk out the salon. (Yes I feel like I can conquer the world!!!). This at home 3 minute treatment gives you the same results. The masque is enriched with the famed Argan Oil which Moroccan women swear by to provide nourishment without making your hair oily. Cotton Seed Oil is also present and this light weight oil provides softness to your hair. The product is suitable for all hair types and it helps to balance the oil levels in your hair while also combatting dry ends this inevitably adds shine and strength to your locks. Use on clean hair for 2-3 minutes once a week. If you have really dry and brittle hair you can substitute the masque for your conditioner. At R270 this might seem expensive but the tub will last quite a while as you should use it sparingly and as with most luxury products a little goes a long way.

I know we are almost in Spring (I have been meaning to do this post for while), but these products are definitely must haves for me throughout the year.


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