Lime Shoes Go with Errthang …

Hello Lovelies

When I dressed up today I didn’t plan on doing an outfit post but I was quite
chuffed with how my ensemble looked once I put it together. And lo and behold a beautiful garden was at my disposal. Perfect recipe for an outfit post right. Every item I’m wearing I have had in my closet for a while I just paired them differently.

My fashion sense fluctuates between Classic and Creative but I have recently found a niche that I’m comfortable in which is a mixture of both! I’m a huge fan of the sporty luxe trend and I’m really glad that it’s still prevalent. I
purchased these pants from Woolworths and then I returned them because I wasn’t convinced about them and then I saw them on sale and it was R150!

My lime green wedges are also from Woolworths and they are one of my favorite heels and they essentially made my ensemble quirky! I’m convinced that I can match these shoes with anything!

The cold has kinda disappeared so I’m really glad I can wear light weight clothing. I hope this lasts!!!!

Top- Cotton On (I love the leather detail) | Handbag- DKNY




Oh and Happy Women’s day dolls hope it’s amazing…


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