Snooze Wear…

Hello Lovelies

I’m snuggled in my pj’s as I write this why would I mention such a menial detail you may ask? Because today’s post is about the Pyjama Trend. Yes wearing pyjama inspired separates a la Hugh Hefner is trendy!!!


I spotted this trend at Zara and Forever new over the weekend.
The ensembles are usually cotton knit or satin and prints vary from fine to bold and even stripes. Even little details like the pyjama breast pocket on the shirts are taken into consideration right down to the piping. It Must ,I reiterate MUST be worn with heels if you wear this trend with any other shoe you would really look like you getting ready to visit Lala land. Although to be honest heels or no heels it still looks like that to me.

Street Style Inspo



Please note your actual sleepwear can’t be used to interpret this trend. The pj inspired separates are tapered.

Is it something you would wear or is it a case of You Snooze and actually DON’T lose?

There are some trends that would never make it into my closet and this is one of them.

On another note I know Blog posts have been scarce but Style By Shaheeda is one year old and it’s because of all of you that inspire me to write. So sending much love to all of you.


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