Dear Shaheeda

Hello Lovelies

Yes I’m still alive , it’s been a while…

This post is inspired by Rushda of Rube’s Closet who wrote a letter to her 16 year old self. Although quiet and shy 16 year old Shaheeda would be quite enthralled to read how much she has grown, I’m going to be a little different and write a letter to my future self.


It has been a long journey hey…Although adolescence was spent like wallflower you grew up to be one of the strongest woman you know (yes as self obsessed as that sounds). On that note there were times when you couldn’t endure circumstances but you wallowed through them with help with a few kind souls (if they are reading this they know who they are).

And here we are today….
So what have you achieved?
Are your dreams of stylist and blogger extraordinaire a reality?

If not I will not berate you but here is a little advice you need to heed…

– Take criticism with a pinch of salt. Everyone isn’t going to love you (You know that by now I’m sure , I’m just reminding you)

– Don’t ever let anyone belittle your dreams and aspirations. You have been through a lot of “One Day” situations I hope some are fulfilled by now (if not all).

– Work hard wherever you are at the moment , hard work pays off in the end.

– Be grateful always, there are millions of people that are worse of than you.

– Be patient!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I know you have been I hope it has paid off)

On a lighter note I hope you’re exercising , not drinking too much Coca Cola ( Have you given it up yet?) and you are using your eye cream religiously.

You can be your own worst enemy at times (I see you rolling your eyes) but remember to always be your own cheerleader and your own number one fan.

Stay Strong S…

Shaheeda of 2014

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