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After visiting the States and spending a lot of my time on shopping expeditions ,DKNY stores were always in my midst. I love their ready to wear urban chic items and accessories. So when one of my favourite brands launched a Ramadan Summer capsule collection (available in the Middle East) I was eager to see what they came up with. Middle Eastern blogger Tamara Al Gabbani and fashion magazine editor Yalda Golsharifi are the faces of this collection.


The collection is made up of jumpsuits , longer length tunics and maxi length dresses and skirts. The primarily monochrome palette makes these items versatile. The range is made up of key items that different style personas can style in their own way.



My must haves are the joggers (of course) and the maxi dress which is demure yet fashion forward.

The DKNY Ramadan collection is aimed at Muslim women as it is fairly modest but it is by no means Islamic attire (before I get my head bitten off).
DKNY’s aim was to create modest fashionable clothing for women who generally dress a lot more modestly in Ramadan. A lot of Muslim women might not dress entirely in Islamic attire but they wear the head scarf and they try to wear clothing that’s not too tight or revealing.

The one thing I take from this is that a popular design house broadened their horizons and entered a new market. Others might be hesitant and not follow but DKNY recognized the potential of the Muslim market.

Have a look at the DKNY Ramadan Summer campaign here to get an insight into Yalda and Tamara’s take on Ramadan.

On that note I hope that Ramadan is going well for all those that are observing the fasts. Make the most of it.


5 thoughts on “#DKNYRamadan

  1. Rooksana says:

    Love the DKNY Ramadaan capsule post. There are quite a few pieces there that I’d love to add to my everyday wardrobe. Great blog Shaheeda. Enough there to keep older women like me interested.

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