But first let me take a selfie (I think not)…

Hello Lovelies

As a fashion and beauty blogger I feel that it’s important to put a face to your blog. I found Instagram and Facebook to be a major launch pad for my blog as of course a picture says thousand words. I found a place to interact with fellow bloggers , display my style and promote this blog.

I have heard horror stories of people impersonating others or using their pictures but little did I know I’d be a victim. I’m not a selfie Queen but I do post a selfie now and then. I recently found out that two people (I have many other adjectives to describe them but I’m going to be civil) like my photos way too much that they use it on social media and claim my face as theirs.

One person sent selfies of me to guys trying to ignite a relationship with them. Little did this small minded person know that this world can be just as small and someone would figure it out at the end. And thankfully someone did. I don’t know who you are but you’re lurking amongst my “friends” and followers on social media so this message should reach you. I would kindly appreciate if you refrain from using my pictures to get attention. It’s disgusting and well degrading to you because unfortunately when you do eventually find someone that falls for your charms and MY picture you can’t transform into me (or maybe you watch too much TV and you think you can).

My mom is a firm believer in these horror stories and she kept warning me not to post pictures of myself on social media. I always rolled my eyes and thought “Who would ever want to pretend to be me?!”. I now wish I took her advice earlier.

I’m now on a self imposed Selfie ban. It might seem ridiculous to change this all because of a few crazy people but it scared me to the point where I am filtering through all my social media in a blocking and deleting frenzy.

Regular Style By Shaheeda readers know what Shaheeda looks like so in future beauty or look posts aren’t going to have full pictures of my face. This is detrimental to me as a blogger and my big dreams of being Fashion blogger extraordinaire have been shattered and it’s disheartening. But I value my identity and privacy a whole lot more.

Just a little heads up lovelies think before you accept invites from random people.



3 thoughts on “But first let me take a selfie (I think not)…

  1. Prettiful Blog says:

    That is sad!

    I haven’t had that before, but I did have someone who stole my entire review, copied and pasted it, including pictures of my hand with swatches!

    I know it is annoying, but it is best to water mark all your pictures, maybe across your forehead 😛

    Hope your blog continues to grow, even with this small hiccup, as I do love reading it!

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