Fashion is Art/Art is Fashion

Hello Lovelies

I’m typing this and my hands feel like they have just been gauged in ice cold water so we are a far cry from Spring but hey here’s an upcoming trend to look forward to when the warmth returns…


Fashion is a form of art but painterly prints add that arty feel to garments. Painterly prints are bold prints that resemble brush strokes and splashes of paint on a canvas. This trend was seen on the runways of Celine and Chanel for their Spring 2014 collections. Geometric shapes and vibrant colour are the basis of this trend. I think that it suits flowy , soft fabrics.


I purchased this dress two years ago from Witchery at Stuttafords because I was attracted to the mixture of colours and it was very different to what I usually wear. Lo and behold it fits the Painterly Print description perfectly.


With any bold trend (if you have learnt anything from me you know ) you need to keep accessories and accompanying garments neutral. Making your bold piece the highlight of your ensemble.

Here’s hoping Spring gets here as fast as winter approached!


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