Blogger of the Month June

Hello Lovelies

Junes Blogger of the Month isn’t gracing Style By Shaheeda for the first time as she was Fashionista of the Week a few weeks ago.

Qaanita Orrie is the beauty and brains behind the blog Paper Dolls Diary .She’s also far from a just a pretty face, Qaanitah is a full time Radiation Technologist. I was introduced to her blog on Instagram which is a great platform to familiarise yourself with South African and international bloggers. I identify with Qaanita’s style sense as it’s similar to my own. She buys staples and mixes them with trends and her overall style aesthetic is very classic. (Note (below) how she wears the same boots but in a different way all the time). Yet she also plays around with casual sportier items now and then.
Her blog is mainly beauty and fashion related but being a health professional she also touches on on health and well being.

Her look posts remind me of magazine fashion spreads and her locations are suited to each look. This takes time and effort so it’s commendable.

Head over to her blog to view more of her looks but here are a few of her recent outfit posts where she’s rocking some of this seasons must haves…





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