Colour Crushed at The Body Shop

Hello Lovelies

The best feeling is finding a shade of lipstick that you have been looking for that suits your complexion. I love coral and orange lipstick but every time I tried on these colours I just couldn’t find my perfect fit. So when my friend showed me this gorgeous lipstick that she purchased from The Body Shop I had to try it. To my delight it was exactly what I was searching for. To be honest I haven’t tried any lipsticks from The Body Shop recently and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality.


The particular shade I purchased was 110 from the Colour Crush range of lipsticks.


It’s one thing finding the perfect colour but finding the right texture is also important to me. I very rarely purchase anything matte so the Colour Crush range is exactly what I prefer. Winter isn’t forgiving on my lips so I tend to use products that are hydrating. I found the lipstick to live up to it’s promise of being moisturising. Even applying it without a lip balm is sufficient. The colour pigment is very potent but I find it pops more after using two to three coats. The rose scent is indeed subtle as indicated on the website as I used it a few times but I still haven’t picked up on the scent (maybe it’s just my cray cray sinuses though).

The Colour Crush range is available in an array of gorgeous shades head over to your nearest The Body Shop to find your perfect shade. I know I’m going to be adding a few more to my collection. At R120 each they are also reasonably priced for a very good quality product.


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