No Fuss Eye Makeup With Shadow Shields

Hello Lovelies

I came across a beauty tool that makeup artists and the everyday beauty aficionado will find useful. Shadow Shields is the brainchild of makeup artist Michelle Villanueva and her main reason for creating this wonder product was to reduce the time of makeup application. Eye shadow residue is a nightmare and one way I learnt to try and avoid it is to use translucent powder under the eye but this is another step and it isn’t totally effective.


Shadow Shields are self-adhesive and they fit under the eye area perfectly. I used it on a client last weekend and I was really impressed. Apart from eradicating mess the Shadow Shields are also useful as a guide for eye makeup application as the shape creates a perfect edge for eye shadow. The best thing about the product for me is that it helps to create the perfect winged eyeliner which we all know can be such a drama.


I decided to do the review after trying it out on a client as we all know sticking something on the delicate under eye area can be uncomfortable and removing it can be even worse. My client said it felt a little odd under her eye but then she got used to it and there was no discomfort caused when I removed it.

My only qualm is that concealer and corrector has to applied under the area again after removing the strip but I suggest applying it after as you don’t waste the product.

Overall I find this product practical and it has definitely found a home in my make up kit.

Rating: 4/5
Quantity: 30- (15 uses)
Cost: R200

Nazmira from has introduced us to these products in South Africa .Contact Nazmira directly to purchase them at: or alternatively online beauty retailer 27 Pinkx stocks it here

For more Shadow Shields how-to tutorials and makeup inspo follow @shadowshieldsza on Instagram.


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