Squeaky Clean…

Hello Lovelies

As you all know by now I have developed an affinity towards beauty products and experimenting with new stuff. All in the name of blogging I guess.

But something popped into my mind,why not discuss something that’s actually taught to us from a young age: Cleanliness. Yes this post might seem mundane to many as it is knowledge that’s been or should have been imparted to you from the time you could say ABC! Cleanliness is a very important aspect of my religion and so is a clean and neat appearance (and no that does not only mean perfect winged eyeliner).

Here’s Style By Shaheeda’s guide to cleanliness-


A) Hair removal is of utmost importance to me. My beauty therapist will swear to you that I don’t miss an appointment. I’m blessed with dark hair (on my face too ugh!) so it’s quite noticeable. If you look like you are partaking in Movember it’s time to visit the beautician honey. Jokes aside hair removal be it buy waxing or using a hair removal cream should be an essential part of any women’s grooming ritual.

B) Long nails can look amazing but dirty long nails are disgusting. It’s very important to make sure that your nails are always clean as just imagine when you touch food or even your face for example and those germs that can be avoided end up in your tummy or as a mean nasty zit on your face.

C) Taking care of our teeth is probably one of the first things we ever learn. The brush your teeth twice a day and floss ritual isn’t something new. But during the day with busy schedules you can’t brush after every meal , I combat bad breath by chewing on sugar free bubblegum. I recommend Orbit gum.

D) D is for deodorant (in this post anyway). Yes we think we glow and not sweat but call it glowing or sweating both result in body odour.As much as R1000 bottle of perfume makes you smell good it’s sometimes not strong enough to combat body odour. Always use deodorant be it in an aerosol or roll on form. I suggest using Mitchum , I have tried both variants and the results are excellent. Also go for something unscented that doesn’t overpower any other fragrance you are wearing .

E)If there’s anything that makes me think someone is untidy it has got to be unwashed hair with oily roots. As much as people say the natural oils are good for your hair but unkempt hair is not good for your appearance. So once the oily roots make their unsightly appearance it’s time to scrub , scrub ,scrub. Remember Dry Shampoo is not a substitute for the actual soapy variant it’s only there to refresh your hair.

Cleanliness shouldn’t only be part of our appearance but our surroundings as well. A clean and neat environment is also essential. Looking like a million dollars yet your home looks like you need to appear on one of those TLC reality shows is not a rare sight anymore. So impart what you learnt about grooming in your home and work space too.

Squeaky clean should be the order of the day before deciding what colour lipstick to wear.


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