Now I know my A , B , C’s….

Hello Lovelies…

Learning the alphabet is the one of the first things we do when we learn to speak. Today I shall teach you the ABC of the Fashion-bet (According to me)

A is For


The most important thing (to me) when dressing is to accentuate your shape. And yes we all have some asset that we love to show off. Be it long legs or curves there’s always a way to accentuate what you have been blessed with.

I’m envious of anyone with long legs, because everything and anything looks amazing on them. The one thing they can get away with is wearing super short shorts and skirts that doesn’t mean it needs to be slutty. Blake Lively shows off her legs but she covers up on the top which balances the look.


Yes we live for tiny waists and there are many ways of accentuating a tiny waist or creating an illusion of it. Cinching in your waist with a belt is the most popular way of accentuating it. High waisted pants and skirts also draw attention to the waist.


Being waif and undernourished is so 90’s , embracing ones curves is now something to be proud of. But it can also be tricky. A cinched waist is a must but also choosing fabrics that drape over your curves creates a more streamlined silhouette.


A petite frame means you can get away with wearing skyscraper heels but some clothing can overwhelm your figure. Wearing high waisted pants creates an illusion of longer legs and also tucking in your tops is a do. Choosing cropped jackets also makes the torso appear longer.


B is For


Being bold doesn’t mean dressing in OTT attire but I feel every woman should own something bold. A bold accessory is an instant update to any ensemble. You could also go bold with your makeup by wearing a bright and bold lipstick.


C is For


It’s always good to be different and being creative with your dressing is always important. Creativity adds that something extra to your look making it personal. You could be creative by mixing different shades or together or wearing something really bold. It’s all upto you and what you’re comfortable with.


Now you know your ABC’s

Look out for my beauty-bet ABC…


One thought on “Now I know my A , B , C’s….

  1. Sofie says:

    I’m def a long legged person – and the one thing that looks really odd on me would be high waisted jeans and heels hahah cause then it looks like I don’t have much of an upper body at all! ;P

    X Sofie

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